Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi guys.

I've just had a Science exam. If I'm honest I think that I did do pretty well in it overall. Combined with my marks from module one and the A in my coursework things would appear to be going well. Apparently so.

I should probably explain. I go to a school called Fearnhill. Truthfully, I don't it believes the awfully bad press it receives or to have been put into Special measures in such a demeaning and quite frankly insulting fashion, but I have recently realised some of the things it does wrong.

*Apologies for my change into italics, I'm not quite sure how I did it, but it does look quite nice.

I don't know a single school which only makes the students in sets one & two take higher tier in Science other than my own. Being in set four is consequently even more humiliating than it usually would be as I now have to sit through my peer groups' conversations of how today's test went, and explain to them that I do foundation. This wouldn't be as bad if I were in third set, because it least then I would have the excuse of "dodgy, I know.", but not being so makes the feeling even more displeasing.
I'm now constantly having to hear people say the words "I thought you were smart". How should I answer that? I thought so too? 

To put things into perspective for those blessed not to be involved in the education system, it was very normal that when my year did its maths exam, only the very lowest set did foundation level.

I should clear things up. I do believe that I am quite clever. Not massively so, but I've always had a reasonable reputation and most of my subjects are going quite well for me. I do however believe that due to my own languid attitude in lower years and the school's own lack of  attention towards lower years I was put in lower sets than I really should have. Since then it has been very difficult to shrug of the unfortunate tag I then Acquired.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming everything on the system the school employs, but I think that they need be more sympathetic and willing to listen. All the goings on of school mixed with my alarmingly large consumption of Smiths songs- despite not being depressed- can occasionally get to be a bit much.

I was sitting in my French lesson today doing and learning absolutely nothing and I really had a feeling that I didn't need it. French and IT are the only lesson in which I am actually failing. I used to think that I had the technical abilities to speak a reasonable amount of French and pass the GCSE, but I've just realised that I'll soon be having to tell my parents that I'm currently working at a grade G.

I am very lucky to be living in a westernised world, so by just writing this blog I'm probably pointlessly selling myself 
whore-ish-ly to the devil.  

I don't think I've done what I set out to do with this, I suppose the art of getting your message across can only be improved with time, but I think that I was trying to let some anger/confusion out, if anything. Maybe what I was intending to do was to show people I feel demeaned by that despite being lumped into 'the foundation crew', I can still achieve? I'm not really sure what the point of this was anymore. I'm very sorry if I've wasted your time as I may well have done.

Also, to anyone who I actually know who reads this, I would probably prefer we not talk about this.

Anyway, let's just think nothing of it, raise our glasses to the ceiling and sing to this charming man.

Until my next unnecessary outburst, goodbye x